I don't know much, but I know this is where all the space aliens are hiding

@geekysteven @norootcause damn, if we hadn’t already booked hotels along our route, I’d adjust the road trip we’re taking next month to go through there.

@geekysteven I know that place. My friend John Bigbooté lives there. And his friend John Smallberries. And their boss, John Wharfin.

@geekysteven "nothing to worry about here, just us humans and our mayor human, Mark Zuckerberg."

@geekysteven I heard there was one living in Patience, Colorado.

@geekysteven Noted residents: John Whorfin, John Bigbooté, John O'Connor, John Gomez, John Ya Ya, John Small Berries, John Many Jars.

@geekysteven Yes, space aliens, definitely not polymorphed dragons, that would just be absurd, lol.

@geekysteven that's a perfectly normal human hive, I don't see your point

@geekysteven Turns out, it was named after an early settler, James G. Human. WP didn't say what planet he was from. I'm assuming that everyone in town is named John.

@geekysteven Is there still room on the Last Train to Humansville?

@geekysteven I read this as huntsmanville and wondered why anyone would be game enough to live there

@geekysteven nothing to see here. Nothing at all.
*dips their apple slice into ketchup

@geekysteven we pass through there every time we go to the lake, it's unremarkable yet not so unremarkable that it's remarkable

@geekysteven But how far is it from the town of Intercourse? 😂

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